"Lesley and "Felix" are shown here at the "Loons" part of the water complex at Fair Hill CCI*** 2003. I do not get many photos with two students in it...but if you look in the background, you will see Derek diGrazia, the Fair Hill course designer, holding a clipboard, and watching carefully. He is probably thinking "I thought I made it hard enough...where did Wofford get THIS kid?" Felix was a very tricky ride (my private stable name for him was "****head") and Lesley did a wonderful job with him."

 Jim Wofford


"Lesley is one of the best horsewomen of her generation. She combines a sophisticated understanding of horses and riders with clear and simple corrections. Those qualities make her an outstanding instructor." 

Jim Wofford 


"There are trainers who are good riders, and trainers who are good teachers, but there are few who are truely good at both. Lesley Stevenson is one of them. I have enjoyed working with her for over 7 years. During that time, she helped me take my novice horse to successfully complete a CCI One Star, and helped me to select my latest event prospect. I can not say enough about how willing and dedicated she is to the sport, and to her students. Be it a panicked late night call from an event the night before cross country, or looking at numerous videos of prospects, she is always willing to help, and has your best interest in mind. She has a keen eye for talented horses, and a special intuition for working with horses of all types. I learn just as much in the saddle as I do on the ground just being around her. I only hope she comes back to Virginia soon!"

Brenda Newgaard 


"Lesley has excellent coaching skills. She has innovative ideas when it comes to teaching students of all levels. She connects easily with students and their horses, and tailors her coaching to bring out the student and the horse's strengths. Lesley is quick to develop a great rapport with students one on one and in a clinic setting. Her vast knowledge of the sport of eventing, excellent teaching skills, and dedication to developing great horsemanship skills in her riders make her a distinguished coach and trainer."

Diane Tarulli  


"I had the pleasure of meeting Lesley after inquiring about her ad for training. I had tragically lost my beloved horse and was on the mend and looking for a new partner. As a professional courtesy, Lesley (not knowing me at all) began sending me numerous prospects. I ended up having lessons on several horses and in that excercise realized that Lesley has a natural talent for reading not only different equines, but the people riding them as well. Her instruction is proper, concise, and very easy to understand, which is a breath of fresh air in our area."

Alice Evans


"Hallelujah, finally I have found a trainer that I can learn how to event
with.  In only 3 lessons my position is 100% more secure than it has been in the past ten years.  The results between the horses and myself have improved by leaps and bounds as a result.  Not only is Lesley a great trainer but she is also a kind person who is a pleasure to work with.  She is able to explain an idea that is clear, consistent, and constructive.  A true joy to work with! "

Cheryl Ray


"I am a fifteen year old student of Lesley Stevenson and I can honestly and openly say that I absolutely love everything about her. Lesley's horse knowledge is one of the greatest I have ever encountered. She has never given me the answer of "I don't know" to one of my horse questions,  and I ask a lot. She's that good. During horseback riding lessons with Lesley you get feed back every single second, she doesn't sit around and watch you do everything wrong, she is always on you, which is a very good thing for me because I can be forgetful at times. She does everything in her power to help you understand things, from sitting in chairs to show you how to use your seat to actually getting on your horse to show you what you need to do and what you shouldn't do to improve your horse's movements, she does it all. One of the best things about her is that she found my horse Jazz, and from watching one video of him she could tell that he was a spectacular mover and that he was exactly what I needed. She is the funest person to be around , hearing about all of her past adventures with her horse Full Tilt and experiences from being a vet tech. She is very kind, praises you for your accomplishments and always has a way to correct you, whenever needed. When you are with Lesley Stevenson you can't help but to love horses, and love eventing. I do, very much  so, because of her. "

Lauren Tarulli


"Lesley has effective teaching skills; an easy going manner; and a unique understanding of equine behavior. For my fiftieth birthday (Nov. 2008) I decided to ride regularly after a 30 year hiatus. I had never ridden competitively and only had a few lessons several years ago. After working with Lesley only a couple of hours I had enough confidence to participate in fox hunts; and to ride various horses that my friends wanted "excercised". I am amazed at what I learned from Lesley in such a short time. I highly recommend Lesley for riding lessons and equine trouble shooting!"

Kathy Langley

"As a middle-aged “re-rider”, trained to compete in hunt seat during my high school years, I have found Lesley’s instruction to be the most professional of any that I’ve had.  She has the most uncanny ability to sum up a horse/rider situation, immediately explain to the rider exactly what is going on and why, and with amazing accuracy, talk the rider through the situation until they experience the correct solution.  She focuses on her student during the entire lesson and she is available for questions just about any time, day or night, always eager to help!  She is by far the most qualified eventing instructor in Charlotte and the fact that she has years of the highest level experience, coupled with her calm, reassuring personality, gives me tons of confidence as I venture into the world of eventing!  And it is such a happy world!  Thanks Lesley!!"

Lisa Blazevich


"The best instructor I've ever had. Many BNTs have a hard time explaining how to fix a problem because it comes so naturally to them. Lesley is amazing at working through a rider or horse's problem with the student until they can solve it themselves."

Anonymous, from Rate My Horse Pro


"Lesley is the most knowledgable horse person I have ever come across - in every single area that has to do with horses. Her calm, steady personality is very reassuring. If I did not have her I would not be eventing!" 

Anonymous, from Rate My Horse Pro 


"Best. Instructor. Ever. I progressed more in 2 months of riding with her than I had in a whole year of riding with a different trainer. Don't hesitate because of the $, a lesson with Lesley is worth 3 with anyone else. Non eventers, she is excellent for dressage as well!

 Anonymous, from Rate My Horse Pro 


"I am another Aussie who hosted Lesley's clinics here and speak highly of not only her coaching but also the website. I often email/Facebook her random questions about my latest issue out of the blue, and she always takes the time to answer with a fully thought out and relevant response. Not many coaches who would do that even if they are local. Not only that, but it is very difficult to find someone who is not only experienced at riding and training at the top level, but who also knows how to explain things, and teach classically based exercises who can also explain exactly why that exercise is the right one for the particular issue. I only wish Lesley was based her instead of half a world away!"

Kelly Tombs 


 "I found Lesley via her My Virtual Eventing Coach website, and brought her to Australia, where she impressed 3/4* riders with her coaching!!! Her knowledge runs a close second to her actual hands on coaching ability." 

 Cristy Shore 




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